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International Tax Advice

1. Overview

In short, we offer you:

  • A senior team selected for their knowledge and expertise as well as their ability to advise on the issues facing you.

  • A commitment to invest in the development of a long-term relationship with you, becoming trusted advisers who are available for discussion or informed comment.

  • A genuinely partner-led service with an efficient, no-nonsense approach to work.

  • A cost-effective service offering excellent value for money.

The principle on which we base our services is simple: we deliver partner-led services, which focus on your needs and objectives. We will work with you in partnership to meet your goals and to provide value added solutions to your business.

You will be an important client to Blue Clue Tax Solutions and we are confident of our ability to provide you with a service that exceeds your expectation.

2. Blue Clue Tax Solutions – relevant experience

Blue Clue Tax Solutions specializes in tax advice, tax litigation and tax compliance for HNWI's, expats, companies and NGO's. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on the solution that you need.

We are specialized in tax structuring, mergers & acquisitions, international clients and NGO's.

The aim of Blue Clue is to offer you professional expertise, commercial awareness and empathy, but we especially offer personal involvement in helping your business, in solving your problems and enhancing your competitiveness.

With Ton's longtime experience we are able to service a variety of clients ranging from small intermediary holding and finance companies to listed companies and help them, their managers and board members to solve their problems.

With this we take care to maintain the highest technical standards. For example, we have access to the on-line databases of IBFD, to a world-wide network of accountants and tax advisors and various international chambers of commerce. As a result, we can offer you international expertise when needed.

Our organization has a firm and well known experience in providing tax services to our clients and we are able to react flexibly and in short notice to your questions and queries.

3. Services

We recognize that you require high caliber services at competitive rates. Our belief is that rendering a first class service and controlling fees are not mutually exclusive.

Our office has a firm and well-known experience in providing full service to our clients and we are able to react flexibly and in short notice to your questions and queries.

In more detail we can render for example the following services to you:

Companies and NGO's


  • VAT compliance: periodically preparing and submitting the VAT return, EC Sales listing and Intrastat return
  • tax compliance: preparation of the corporate income tax return
  • VAT advice (f.e. import, EU VAT recovery, EU VAT liability)
  • international tax advice
  • corporate income tax advice (f.e. M&A, transfer pricing, advance rulings, financing, structuring, etcetera)
  • payroll services
  • payroll advice (see Board members and expats)
  • tax disputes
  • tax litigation (all courts)
  • client support with general audits by the tax authorities


Board members and expats

  • obtaining the work permit
  • obtaining the 30% ruling
  • preparation of the Dutch personal income tax returns
  • periodically preparing and submitting the wage tax returns
  • payroll advice (f.e. wage tax, employee remuneration, salary splits, expats, social security)
  • personal income tax advice (f.e. Trusts, second home, monuments, etcetera)
  • income tax planning
  • estate tax planning

Advising international businesses*

  • tax planning, international tax advice and implementation about setting up in the Netherlands or abroad
  • tax opinions / second opinions
  • tax rulings (advance tax rulings with Dutch or local tax authorities)
  • transfer pricing advice (advance pricing agreements with Dutch or local tax authorities)
  • VAT advice and compliance
  • expat advice
  • incorporation
  • local registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • registration at the local tax authorities
  • local assistance with applications for insurances, bank account, etc.

* Depending on the advice/compliance needed, in cooperation with local international colleagues

4. For whom?

These services are provided to companies from start-up through to shareholder exits and listed companies. We are experienced in advising on the various effects of these corporate transactions.

We advise expatriates and employes about moving to the Netherlands, working abroad, moving abroad, the 30% ruling, tax equalization, trusts, stock option plans, share purchase plans, redundancy payments and stamrecht BV’s, etcetera.

Blue Clue has experience with international companies who use the Netherlands as intermediary holding/finance company or as their European distribution centre and/or sales office.