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International Tax Advice

Blue Clue Tax Solutions advises solutions to international clients, expats, HNWI's and NGO's. We do tax advice, tax litigation and tax compliance and are specialized in tax structuring, mergers & acquisitions, international clients and NGO's.

The particular emphasis of Blue Clue tax advisors is on owner-managed international medium sized companies and expats.

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Overview for every tax payer


Governments, semi-governments, non-governmental organizations, not for profits, charities, foundations

Informal investors,
 business angels,
high net worth individuals, management

  • Tax advice
  • Tax litigation
  • Tax compliance
  • Payroll administration
  • (Second) opinion
  • Tax audit
  • Tax rulings
  • VAT
  • Subsidiary
  • Permanent establishment
  • Sales structures
  • Rep office
  • Distribution structures
  • Funding, loan, equity
  • Tax treaties
  • Reducing effective tax rate
  • Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Employees / payroll
  • Income tax liability
  • VAT liability
  • Withholding tax liability
  • Volunteers
  • Fictious staf costs
  • Provisions
  • Charity status
  • Fundraising
  • Preventing VAT
  • Stamrecht BV / golden handshake
  • Second home
  • Monuments
  • Foreign real estate
  • Erfpacht
  • Carried interest
  • Structuring shareholders of 5% or more
  • Asset protection
  • Trusts / SPF / APV
  • 30% rule
  • Extraterritorial costs
  • Carried interest
  • Salary split
  • Secondments
  • Social security
  • Emigration
  • Immigration
  • Trusts


Our corporate clients include a broad range of companies, both based in the Netherlands and abroad, for which we provide both tax advice and compliance services, focusing on corporate income tax, wage tax, social security, VAT and other related issues. These services are provided to companies from start-up through to shareholder exits and we are experienced in advising on the various effects of these corporate transactions.

International advice

In general international advice is about doing business and investing efficiently across borders. We distinguish four categories:

  1. Netherlands for reducing withholding taxes: setting up holding, finance and/or royalty structures;
  2. Netherlands as Gateway to Europe, Middle East and Asia: advising and assisting international companies about setting up their business or acquiring a business in the Netherlands and/or EMEA;
  3. Expansion, roll out, mergers and acquisitions: advising and assisting international companies about setting up abroad, acquire, sale or merge;
  4. HNWI: advising and assisting high net worth individuals with structuring their assets and protect it (asset protection).

Many international companies have a holding in the Netherlands. The main reason is that the Netherlands is suitable for holding, finance and royalty companies, is the extensive network of tax treaties. Combined with the fact that the Netherlands does not levy withholding tax on royalties and interest, tax treaties reduce the withholding tax on royalties and interest. In some circumstances, even to zero. These tax treaties reduce the withholding tax on dividends as well. Finally, there is the favorable Dutch tax exemption of dividends and capital gains on subsidiaries, the so-called participation exemption.


  1. Tax structuring: tax advice on structuring businesses, supply chain, services and inter-company finance.
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions: tax advice on mergers and acquisitions.
  3. International clients: advising clients who work, do business or invest abroad.
  4. NGO's: advising governments, semi-governments, non-governmental organizations, not for profit organizations, charities and other organizations.