8 key areas of expertise

Fiscal advice
  • Legal entities to do business
  • Business succession
  • Avoiding publication balance and P&L with Chamber of Commerce
Tax return
  • Payroll administration
  • VAT return
  • Personal tax return
  • Corporate income tax return
Annual accounts
  • Quartely reports
  • Financial statements
  • Compilation report
Salary Administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Social security when working in multiple countries
  • Cafeteria system
  • Expats: 30% ruling on ET allowance
  • Calculation net retainer
  • Number of contract payrolling
  • Social security when working in multiple countries
  • Expats: 30% ruling on ET allowance

We recognize that you require high caliber services at competitive rates. Our belief is that rendering a first class service and controlling fees are not mutually exclusive.

Our office has a firm and well-known experience in providing full service to our clients and we are able to react flexibly and in short notice to your questions and queries.

In more detail we can render for example the following services to you:

Companies and NGO's
  • VAT compliance: periodically preparing and submitting the VAT return, EC Sales listing and Intrastat return
  • tax compliance: preparation of the corporate income tax return
  • VAT advice (f.e. import, EU VAT recovery, EU VAT liability)
  • international tax advice
  • corporate income tax advice (f.e. M&A, transfer pricing, advance rulings, financing, structuring, etcetera)
  • payroll services
  • payroll advice (see Board members and expats)
  • tax disputes
  • tax litigation (all courts)
  • client support with general audits by the tax authorities
Board members and expats
  • obtaining the work permit
  • obtaining the 30% ruling
  • preparation of the Dutch personal income tax returns
  • periodically preparing and submitting the wage tax returns
  • payroll advice (f.e. wage tax, employee remuneration, salary splits, expats, social security)
  • personal income tax advice (f.e. Trusts, second home, monuments, etcetera)
  • income tax planning
  • estate tax planning
Advising international businesses*
  • tax planning, international tax advice and implementation about setting up in the Netherlands or abroad
  • tax opinions / second opinions
  • tax rulings (advance tax rulings with Dutch or local tax authorities)
  • transfer pricing advice (advance pricing agreements with Dutch or local tax authorities)
  • VAT advice and compliance
  • expat advice
  • incorporation
  • local registration at the Chamber of Commerce
  • registration at the local tax authorities
  • local assistance with applications for insurances, bank account, etc.

* Depending on the advice/compliance needed, in cooperation with local international colleagues