Blue Clue Tax Solutions gives advice on living abroad/going to live abroad, or returning to the Netherlands. We also take care of implementations.


Blue Clue advices on solutions for expats, (international) organizations, NGO's, formal investors, private equity and charity organizations. We give tax advice, do tax returns and litigate.


We are specialized in structuring, merges & acquisitions, international clients and NGO's.


Our clients are mainly expats and international medium sized corporations, where management is company-owned.Blue Clue


Blue Clue advices on fiscal residency or staying in multiple countries, expatriot arrangements, salary agreements, prevent or lower tax levy salary, retirement, investments, trusts and emigration levy.


Blue Clue provides tax advcise on working in one ore multiple countries, expatriate arrangements, preventing (double), lower or shift tax levy, compulsory insurance and tax burden.

Doing business

Blue Clue advice on doing business in the Netherlands or abroad. Such as: legal form, prevent, reduce or shift profit tax, VAT, employee and transfer pricing. Also implementation.

8 key areas of expertise

Fiscal advice
  • Legal entities to do business
  • Business succession
  • Avoiding publication balance and P&L with Chamber of Commerce
Tax return
  • Payroll administration
  • VAT return
  • Personal tax return
  • Corporate income tax return
Annual accounts
  • Quartely reports
  • Financial statements
  • Compilation report
Salary Administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Social security when working in multiple countries
  • Cafeteria system
  • Expats: 30% ruling on ET allowance
  • Calculation net retainer
  • Number of contract payrolling
  • Social security when working in multiple countries
  • Expats: 30% ruling on ET allowance