5 key areas of expertise

Fiscal advice
  • Choice of legal form for companies
  • Business succession
  • Hide capital from Chamber of Commerce
  • Payroll administration
  • Turnover tax
  • Income tax returns
  • Declaration of corporate income tax
Compilation of:
  • Quarterly reports
  • Annual accounts
  • Compound statement
Salary administration
  • Payroll administration
  • Social security when working in multiple countries
  • Cafeteria arrangement
  • Expats: 30% settlement or reimbursement of extra-territorial costs
  • Calculate invoice based on net wage
  • Number of payroll contracts
  • Social security when working in multiple countries
  • Expat: Reimbursement of 30% or extra-territorial costs

Blue Clue helps clients with a broad range of tax related topics. These include: income tax, corporation tax, wage tax, social security and VAT.

Our clients range from companies and other organisations to board members and expats as well as international companies operating in the Netherlands

  • Services for companies and organisations include:

VAT declaration: preparation and submission of the sales tax declaration, declaration of intra-Community services (ICP) and intrastat

Corporate income tax return: preparation and submission of the corporate income tax return

VAT advice (for example import, EU VAT refund, VAT obligation in other countries)

International tax advice

Corporate tax advice (e.g. M&A, merger, takeover, business succession, transfer pricing, rulings, structuring, financing, setting up a foreign branch, etc.)

Payroll administration

Payroll tax advice (for example work costs scheme, see also below)

Tax objection procedures

Fiscal appeal procedures (at Court and Supreme Court level)

Guidance tax control by the tax authorities

Horizontal Supervision / agreement with tax authorities

Services for board members and expats include:

Obtaining work permits

Getting the 30% settlement allowance

IB declaration: preparation and submission of income tax returns

Payroll administration

Wage tax advice (for example, labour costs scheme, employee benefits, salary splits, Nedeco scheme / 30% scheme for secondment abroad, expats, social security)

Income tax advice (for example, second home, monument building, long lease, temporary stay abroad, etc.)

Tax planning

Services for international companies include:

Tax planning, international tax advice and implementation of structures in the Netherlands or abroad

Fiscal opinions / Second opinions

Advance tax rulings

Transfer pricing advice (advance pricing agreements)

VAT / sales tax advice

Expat advice