Netherlands number 4 with highest income tax rate

Research KPMG 2011: Netherlands has fourth highest personal income tax rate

Although the Netherlands is attractive for businesses, the top rate for personal income tax is the fourth highest in the world.



Rising government debt in combination with elections triggers worldwide discussion on tax rates and tax revenues.

For this reason used a study by KPMG from 2011 to see which ten countries have the highest top rates of personal income tax.

Of the 96 countries, the Netherlands - with a current top rate of 52% - ranks fourth and we only have Denmark (55,4%), Sweden (56,6%) and Aruba (58,95%) in front of us.

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Source: countries with the highest income tax rates

What does this mean for our relationships?

If the Dutch SP (Socialist Party) is able to convert their election plans into legislation, the Netherlands will have a top rate for personal income tax of 65% and rank first by far.