Our international advice and expertise can facilitate efficient cross-border business and investing in the following four categories:

•    The Netherlands as a transit country: setting up holding, financing and / or royalty structures
•    The Netherlands as Gateway to EMEA: advising and assisting foreign companies with setting up or taking over a company in the Netherlands and EMEA
•    Expansion, mergers & acquisitions: advice on establishing a company in the Netherlands or other countries, company takeovers, mergers and acquisitions. HNWI: helping wealthy individuals structure their investments and protect their assets.

Many international companies have a holding in the Netherlands and enjoy the benefits of efficient financing and royalty flows, alongside an extensive network of tax treaties. 

The Netherlands does not levy withholding tax on royalties and interest. This – combined with the tax treaties - can lower the foreign withholding taxes on royalties and interest (in some circumstances even to zero).

The Dutch tax treaties also lower the dividend tax. Finally, there is the favourable Dutch tax exemption from dividends and sales profits from participating interests, the so-called participation exemption.

•    Blue Clue also provides specialist services on: Tax structuring: tax advice on structuring companies, goods, services and money flows
•    Mergers & acquisitions: tax advice on mergers and acquisitions
•    International clients: advising clients who are going to work, do business and / or invest across borders. NGOs: advising governments, semi-governments, not-for-profit organisations, ANBIs, SBBIs and other institutions.