Advantages of the hub: international advice

In general international advice is about doing business and investing efficiently across borders. We distinguish four categories:

  1. Netherlands for reducing withholding taxes: setting up holding, finance and/or royalty structures;
  2. Netherlands as Gateway to Europe, Middle East and Asia: advising and assisting international companies about setting up their business or acquiring a business in the Netherlands and/or EMEA;
  3. Expansion, roll out, mergers and acquisitions: advising and assisting international companies about setting up abroad, acquire, sale or merge;
  4. HNWI: advising and assisting high net worth individuals with structuring their assets and protect it (asset protection).

Many international companies have a holding in the Netherlands. The main reason is that the Netherlands is suitable for holding, finance and royalty companies, is the extensive network of tax treaties. Combined with the fact that the Netherlands does not levy withholding tax on royalties and interest, tax treaties reduce the withholding tax on royalties and interest. In some circumstances, even to zero. These tax treaties reduce the withholding tax on dividends as well. Finally, there is the favorable Dutch tax exemption of dividends and capital gains on subsidiaries, the so-called participation exemption.

Value added logistics: specialties
  1. Tax structuring: tax advice on structuring businesses, supply chain, services and inter-company finance.
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions: tax advice on mergers and acquisitions.
  3. International clients: advising clients who work, do business or invest abroad.
  4. NGO's: advising governments, semi-governments, non-governmental organizations, not for profit organizations, charities and other organizations.